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We at Choppy’s like to think that were a little different from the rest . Our approach is relaxed and informal and we hope to provide you with an environment where you will be both impressed by our food and delighted with the service of our staff.

We offer a simple, yet elegant take on both the food we serve and the service that we provide. It is our belief that a combination of superb locally sourced ingredients, efficient and friendly staff alongside some great wines, beers and spirits will be hard to beat.

We have a firm customer following and and a continually growing reputation as a real destination restaurant in Ware, Hertfordshire. Over the course of the summer we will make full use of our beautiful gardens as a place where you can relax with friends, let the kids run free or just sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

Come and join us over the coming months for a relaxed lunch, a more elaborate dinner or bring the whole family along on Sundays for our now famous chicken, pork loin and locally bred lamb roast brought to your table with all the trimmings for everyone to enjoy.

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The Produce At Choppy's Perfect ingredients make a perfect meal...

Practically everything here a Choppy’s is hand made by the head chef and his team. Their experience from working throughout the UK in a number of hotels and restaurants has provided a unrivalled knowledge of the local produce. Due to this we source as many ingredients as possible from Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties of Kent, Sussex, Essex, Suffolk and Bedfordshire.

Our entire meat product comes from the Borlase family farm in Watton at Stone. This Family has been farming this land for five generations.

A herd of 400 prize-winning Simmental and Rare Breed Belted Galloway cattle graze the open pastures during the summer, while lying in comfortable spacious buildings during the winter. The cattle are kept to the highest degree in a healthy hygienic condition, and are bred naturally in order to bring the highest flavour to your plate.

The farm is also home to rare breed lop eared pigs, which are traditionally reared. The pig’s well-being is paramount in this process, which leads to an excellent texture and flavour of meat.

The farm’s home reared Hertfordshire Lamb, is simply excellent. The flavour is beautiful and meat succulent.

When it comes to chicken no one breeds chicken better than Chris Frederick at Temple Farm in Roydon. Chickens here are considered by many including some of the country’s best chefs to be the best chicken available in the UK label Anglais.

There are no short cuts or modern methods in the way they raise their chickens. They start off, with a special breed based on two old British breeds, Red Cornish and White Rock. Because of their heritage, they are suited to our climate and thrive in their free-range pastures. Their breeding also means they are allowed to mature for longer than a modern chicken, which gives the meat it’s special individual taste and texture. Unlike most other chicken, theirs are grown to full maturity – all those extra weeks scratching around the fields and hedgerows helps bring out a fuller, more satisfying flavour in the meat.

Our Shellfish are sourced from the coast of Essex, seeking small holders and day boats to find the best of British sea produce. Our in house display cabinet proudly exhibits our fresh sea produce and lets our customers choose from some of the countries finest Shellfish.

A dairy farm in Hertfordshire produces most of our cheeses, Made from only the best goats milk.

A selection of herbs and salads come from our home garden in which we have high hopes of cultivating our own vegetables over the coming months.

At Choppys we give our diners a chance to experience some of the countries finest foods, made from natural fresh produce by quality Chef’s. Our excellent food accompanied by our relaxed atmosphere will ensure a good night for all.